Furniture Paint

Furniture Paint

Country Chic Paint

Country Chic Paint is a beautiful furniture paint specifically designed for DIYers with a love for refinishing furniture and home decor. This fabulous paint is zero VOC and contains little to no harmful solvents.

Applying Country Chic Paint couldn't be easier - whether you want to make a new piece look old or transform an old look with new color and style, you will love the beautiful smooth matte finish and all the delicious color choices. If you want to distress your piece, then this is the best paint for the job. You will love how simple it is to create a shabby chic look with Country Chic Paint.

The best part? There's very little prep work with Country Chic Paint, only fabulous results! Purchase your Country Chic Paint at the French Courtyard today, or schedule a class and come paint with us!

Painting Class

We offer a variety of painting workshops as a fun and informative way to learn how to do it yourself!

In the furniture paint class, we will teach you paint applications, distressing techniques, two-color finishes & wax application. Perfect for all skill levels from beginner to experienced.

$125 includes lunch and all paint supplies needed that day. Just bring a small piece of wood furniture you can carry in yourself.

Custom Furniture Painting

Do you have furniture you want painted but don’t want to do it yourself? We can help!

Just send us an email with pictures, dimensions, and desired finish and our artist will contact you to arrange a quote.