Consignment Treasure Hunting

As I see it, the world of consignment furniture is synonymous with treasure hunting. You never know what could come through the door on any given day. A consigner must be skilled to recognize a piece’s value and history to ensure it is not lost in the ever growing abyss of cast away furniture. 

The pursuit of locating a pearl in the rough keeps each day interesting and exciting! Only a few days ago, a charming wooden writing desk found its way into the shop. A petit maple desk on delicate spindle legs with vintage brass hardware. This unique piece was built with two side drawers to provide concealed storage, while the middle section lifts to reveal a compartment outfitted with hand carved ink wells.

A piece like this is just the kind of find that gets your attention. The inside drawer reveals it is a Sprague and Carleton creation. This furniture manufacturer, originally based based in New Hampshire, was known for producing American made pieces from solid rock maple. Their craftsmen specialized in creating high quality pieces whose designs were influenced by early American antiques. The company was founded in 1899 and continued to make and sell American crafted furniture into the late 1960s. 

While somewhat inconspicuous the lovely little writing desk that now sits on our showroom floor is a reminder of our heritage and history. The dovetail joinery and thoughtful attention to detail whisper to us of a time well before mass production. A time when furniture was treasured for its function, aesthetic, and heirloom quality. Wherever this piece lands on its journey, we are confident it will offer it’s new home a dignified charm befitting its character.

Amanda Dayton